The Story of JaneALTs

"When I had cancer a few years ago, I designed these hats for something different to wear. Just recently I opened a shop, Howes’ Things, and decided to include my hats. There has been a tremendous response to the unique look.
The scarf hat can be used several ways, even wrapped like a turban. The yarns are soft and come in many kinds of textures. The scarves are interchangeable. No two hats are alike since I design as I go and never know what the finished product will look like. To see some of my creations, be sure to visit the Gallery. If you have a favorite color, let me know because custom orders are always welcome!"
- Lynda Howe,
Creator of JaneALTs Hats

Howes’ Things is the exclusive distributor of JaneALTs hats. We are located in historic downtown Lewisburg, West Virginia, 101 North Court Street or call us at 304-520-4948